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Clinical Excellence Awards

As a national awardee body, EPRA, Leadership and Entrepreneurial awards offers support and citations for clinical excellence award applications.

What to demonstrate

EPRA 2022 Clinical Excellence Awards are awarded to Chairperson, Medical Director/CEO, Doctors, Consultants who work in England or Wales, and who demonstrate sustained commitment to patient care and well-being, or improving public health maintain high standards of technical and clinical aspects of service while providing patient-focused care in their day-to-day practice, demonstrate a commitment to NHS values and goals by participating actively in job planning, observing the private practice code of conduct and achieving agreed service objectives through active participation in clinical governance, contribute to continuous improvement in service organisation and delivery embrace the principles of evidence-based practice.

Contribute to our knowledge base through research and participate actively in research governance are recognised as excellent teachers, trainers or managers contribute to policy-making and planning in health and healthcare; or make an outstanding contribution to professional leadership.

Entry Deadline: To Be Announced

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